New Direction

I’m not the brightest person in a group when it comes to research (logistics), that being said I’ve just placed a big “X” on my forehead.  Check out my blog and see my weaknesses and strengths.  I am aware of my weaknesses and have recently discovered a new direction to take.  I’m still in the process of re-reading.  I’m down with partnering with anyone who needs someone.  I like to help!  I’m not sure listing my weaknesses was a good idea….I guess I’m testing something out.  I’m unsure what to expect.

3 Responses to New Direction

  1. pammypearl says:

    You can join our group “Wellspring for the World”. We only have two people as of now me and Kelsey.

    • oxgar says:

      I would love to join! Do you still need someone?

  2. kab13 says:

    A group of 3 working with Wellspring seems good. Let me know how I can help facilitate. Pam, looked like you already contacted Wellspring. Correct?

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