‘Kony 2012’: The Success, and the Criticism

‘Kony 2012’: The Success, and the Criticism.

The Kony 2012 video emerged as the most viral video to date over spring break.  Seems like we should be thinking about and responding to the issues here: nonprofit (Invisible Children) using powerful visual story telling to get their message across.  Also using social media very effectively.  But as the linked story points out, the video has also been met with some criticism, particularly by some Ugandans.  Paul Levinson is quoted in the story.

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts, either through comments below or on your own blogs.

One Response to ‘Kony 2012’: The Success, and the Criticism

  1. pammypearl says:

    This is the part of social media that really scares me… what and who do you believe? With anyone being able to produce and publish just about anything, how do you really know the truth?

    Are Jason Russell’s accusations legitimate?

    I can’t say that I know much about this situation. I have watched the YouTube video produced by Jason and I have read the “Kony 2012 The Success, and the Criticism” article. If I had to make my decision based on those two pieces of evidence I would have to say…WOW! Jason Russell did an amazing job using social media to make us all aware of this issue in Uganda. If these findings are true, I hope his journey is successful.

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