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I was searching for resources for my paper and came across this NPR story about the gatekeepers of Wikipedia.

NPR Podcast: Truth and the World of Wikipedia Gatekeepers

Couple of interesting facts on Wikipedia presented in the Podcast:

  • 91% of editors are male.
  • Wikipedia values majority opinion over primary sources. New research must be vetted and cited by other sources before considered for addition to an article.
  • Wikipedia started out at a scholarly endeavor. It was known as and editors/contributors had to prove they had pedigree. After one year and only 12 articles published, they opened it up for the public to contribute.
There is also an interesting bits about notability – the main reason John’s edits keep getting rejected.
I found the conversation on the contrast between scholarly and Wikipedia cultures  to be enlightening. We often think of Wikipedia as a worthless source and we often dismiss it.  Scholarly endeavors lead…

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