Writing a teaser for your blog posts.

As I mentioned in the video and on the “Blogging and Slogging” assignment sheet, I would like everyone to write a “teaser” for their blog posts, and I’d like the teaser posted in here, the class blog, with a link out to your personal blog.  The reasons I am asking you to do this include:

1. To get your work noticed on the web, you have to be able to write good, short, teasers–generic tweets–that draw people to your longer, more sustained work.  Asking you to blog on your own site but “tease” here is one way to get practice.

2. We have 23 students starting out in the class; I’d like you to know what everybody is up to, but I can’t realistically expect all of you to read every post by a classmate. Having the teaser or tidbit here keeps you in touch with the whole group; reading the teasers and following a handful of people closely based on their interesting teasers gives other students a kind of peer feedback.  In other words, if people come to your blog, you will know that your teasers are working.  If they don’t come to your blog, keep refining your approach. See what others are doing to draw readers in.

3. Looked at from another angle, I am asking you to maintain your own blog so you can play around with the look and feel, try out different widgets and features, and have a space that you feel like is your own.  If you only posted to the class blog, you’d miss out on that important experience.

4. Closely related, having your own blog will make it easier for you and me to evaluate your individual work.


So, a teaser for my own personal history with social media might look something like this:

Check out my 10 year personal history of blogging, facebooking, tweeting and more; my post is also a history of this class!

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